Thursday, February 27, 2020

Good practice in Teaching and Learning English in English medium and Research Proposal

Good practice in Teaching and Learning English in English medium and Chinese medium schools - Research Proposal Example â€Å"Language learning activities are representative of the diverse social and cultural background knowledge and experience of learners. Language learning activities provide learners the opportunities to assess and negotiate knowledge, concepts and ideas in the light of their own socio-cultural backgrounds† (Ajayi, p.8) The above facts forced non-native English speaking nations to encourage the learning of English by implementing it in their curriculum. â€Å"The need for a common international language with the expansion of a global communication network has made the English the language of choice† (TESOL& Dang, p.9) Postgraduate classes from grades 2001 to 2004 at Capital University of Medical Sciences in Beijing were assigned to study English for Technical Communication, a course that integrated the concepts of technical communication into English for specific purposes. In the survey of Grade 2004, over 96% of the graduates claimed that it was necessary for them to study English for Technical Communication; more than 90% of the students confirmed that the course was practical; and 90% of them claimed that the course had significantly improved their abilities in technical communication. Therefore, introducing technical communication in English for specific purposes would be a feasible way to develop the teaching of technical communication in China. (Duan et al) Even the communist China, started to encourage the learning of English. They have realized the limitations of Chinese language at international level and realized the importance of English for the smooth communication purposes at international level. English learning is not easy for no-native English speakers. Proper teaching strategies are essential for Learning English for Specific Purposes (ESP) especially in China like non-native English speaking countries. Social, cultural and economic factors can affect the teaching and learning of English for

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